About Vee Tire Co

Founded in 1977, Vee Rubber Group is the leading manufacturer of tires in Thailand for the automative, motorcycle and biking industries. Each of their products are carefully fashioned from select raw materials using modern manufacturing technology, and are supplied primarily to export.
In 2013, VEE Tire Co. was created to supply tires direct to consumers worldwide. With the ability to use research and development, VEE Tire Co. has created groundbraking tires inspired from its parent company’s successful technology.
As the manufacturer with having control about the whole process from natural rubber plantation, mold shop and production VEE Tire Co. is able to create and follow new market trends. All tires are perfectly designed to follow the advantage of using them on a wider rim to achieve the foremost level in performance.
VEE Tire Co. is growing enormously and we are proud about this year’s latest tire developments. Our 2017 catalog features innovative designs from +PLUS size to E-Bike and every segment in between.